Space Weather Canada

Geomagnetic Activity

Current Conditions 24 Hour Forecast 24 to 48 Hour Forecast

Current Conditions
at 2021-03-02 20:30 UT

  • Polar: active
  • Auroral: unsettled
  • Sub-auroral: unsettled

24 Hour Forecast

  • Polar: unsettled + active intervals
  • Auroral: unsettled + active intervals
  • Sub-auroral: quiet + unsettled intervals

Geostationary Satellite Environment

Current Conditions Day 1 Forecast Day 2 Forecast

Current Conditions
at 2021-03-02 20:10 UT

  • Energetic electron fluence
    at geostationary orbit: normal

Day 1 Forecast

  • Energetic electron fluence
    at geostationary orbit: moderate

Energetic Electron Fluence

Energetic Electron Fluence image

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